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A large number of people write their living will with the assistance of a lawyer or paralegal personnel. This is an excellent way to proceed. If, on the other hand, you can read and write and understand the meaning of simple questions, then you can obtain a perfectly legal living will by answering simple questions and you may save hundreds and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Welcome to YourLivingWill.Com, where you will rapidly obtain a perfectly legal living will. Our software will produce a living will that you may print, examine and sign if it reflects your wishes. Then you have your signature witnessed by 3 witnesses who also sign on the dotted lines, and "Presto" you now have a living will that is legal and valid.

Don't forget: you may change your living will whenever you wish and as often as you wish as long as you are alive and mentally competent.

YourLivingWill.Com does not pretend to practice law nor to give any form of legal advice or opinion on any matter. Should you have any legal question you should consult with lawyers that are members of the Bar in the state where you reside.

This site's products are available for free with no implicit or explicit warranty.

Some jurisdictions require that a Living Will be notarized by a Notary Public in order to be valid.

Some jurisdictions require that a Living Will be notarized by a licenced law practitioner (lawyer).

Check with your local authorities.

Make yourself a thorough Living Will. It's easy, legal and complete.

The patient has already been diagnosed with an incurable illness.

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